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   01/01/2000 Siberian Express ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   03/18/2000 Mountain Goat 3 Mile Run
                      Mountain Goat 9 Mile Run
                      Mountain Goat 3 Mile Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   06/10/2000 Lake Mingo Trail Run ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   06/18/2000 Kilbride Family Classic 5K Run
                      Kilbride Family Classic 2 Mile Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   06/25/2000 Bourbonnais Friendship Festival 5K Run
                      Bourbonnais Friendship Festival 5K Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   07/09/2000 Kankakee Area YMCA 5K Scenic Run
                      Kankakee Area YMCA 5K Fun Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   07/22/2000 The Heart of the Matter 5K Run
                      The Heart of the Matter 2 Mile Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   07/30/2000 KCTC Boxtrot 5K Run
                      KCTC Boxtrot 2 Mile Fitness Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   08/12/2000 Momence Glad Run 5K
                      Momence Glad Run 10K ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   08/19/2000 Gilman Old Boys' and Girls' Reunion 5K Run
                      Gilman Old Boys' and Girls' Reunion 1 Mile Fun Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   08/26/2000 Empowerment 5K Run
                      Empowerment 5K Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   09/02/2000 Hoopeston Sweetcorn 5K Classic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   09/08/2000 Peotone Country Festival 5K Run
                      Peotone Country Festival 2 Mile Fun Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   09/24/2000 Wild Wild Wilderness 7.6 Mile Run ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   10/08/2000 Kankakee River 10K Run ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   11/25/2000 Drumstick Dash 5K Run
                      Drumstick Dash 5K Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   12/10/2000 Jingle Bell 5K Run for Arthritis
                      Jingle Bell 5K Walk for Arthritis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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